Interactive Venue Planner 

~ Features

iMap's interactive venue planner is designed specifically to help Event Venues and Convention Centers present to clients how their venue will be used for any event.  

As leaders in providing solutions to facilities in the meetings & events industry, we provide a summary of our higher level features built within our interactive venue planner.  For a much more in-depth and detailed review of these and many other features, contact us to request a demonstration.



Provide staff and clients with immediate access to the interactive venue planner.  As a web based application, there is nothing to download or install.

Populate the Venue Floor Plan


For a specific event, select any floor level, partition meeting spaces into any possible configuration, and assign each meeting space a 'use', and set its move-in & out dates.


Data Import:

For a specific event, automatically populate all the meeting spaces with 'uses' and move-in & out dates by importing your event data derived from such applications like USI (Ungerboeck) data or from a previously saved event plan.    

Save the Event Plan

After assigning 'uses' and dates for each meeting space for an event, save the event plan as an external excel file.  Use this file to re-open this plan to make edits or to make copies or versions of event plans for each event and client. 


Share the Event Plan

Presenting how the venue is being used for a specific event and sharing this with clients is the primary purpose of the interactive venue planner.  

Either share the venue plan directly with clients online, or as presented in the images (left), create electronic images for print production and for sales proposals.  Present any level and a list of all the meeting spaces used.