Emergency Plans

In efforts to utilize iMap's unique skill set and give back to the community, we've engaged with a local Fire Department to create Emergency Plans for its main facilities pro bono.  

This entailed on-site investigations to identify the following; measurements, entry/exit points, safety equipment, fire fighting equipment, hydrant locations, hazardous materials, access roads, surrounding land, and potential structure weaknesses & risks. 


Upon completing the collection of this information for the community's main facilities; school, municipal offices, high density residences, stores, etc.. iMap created the below set of forms that contain critical information used by the Fire Department to effectively and safely respond to an emergency within each facility.  

Cycle through the example emergency plans below.


Community Fire Hydrant Pressure

iMap has also offered the Fire Department a unique data driven application allowing the Fire Department to collect and record fire hydrant water pressure throughout the community.  While we cannot show the data entry portion of this application, we provide the below prototype map to show the beginnings of this application.  

Fire Chief Log-In


Covid-19 Statistics

In 2020 and 2021 the Covid pandemic has been a prevalent issue especially to the meetings & events industry.  We thought it might be helpful to provide maps of the United States, Canada and Europe showing up-to-date Covid pandemic statistics. 

These maps include information such as; new cases today, total infections, and infection rates per-capita.  Click on a map to open it and view full screen, and then click the map's icons to view the corresponding statistics. 

As data driven maps that updates hourly, we rely on data from various sources and data sets and you may find some information missing or waiting to update.  Please do not rely on this information, as we do not maintain these maps on a regular basis and linked sources often change.

When viewing a map, open the top left menu, scroll down to the bottom of the menu to apply filters. 





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