Event Space Presentation Library 

~ Benefits

Win New Event Business

Cater to 50% of Event Planners who research facilities online when planning an event.  Distinguishing your venue from the competition gives your facility a powerful competitive advantage to attract and win new event business - even in an increasingly competitive market.  Providing clients with a better comprehension and understanding of your facility improves event planning and collaboration which in-turn creates successful events.

Shorten Sales Cycles and Reduce Marketing Costs

Presenting your entire venue in a visual and interactive presentation, that intuitively provides critical and comprehensive information, allows clients to quickly and fully comprehend everything your facility has to offer. With this level of knowledge, clients become comfortable and confident in making quicker and more well-informed decisions to work with your facility - reducing sales & marketing efforts and costs.  

Enhance Client Experience

Providing detailed information about your meeting space to Event Planners when needed, enhances the level of service you can provide, and makes it easier for your clients and prospects to make quicker and better decisions and plan successful events.  


Winning new event business, shortening sales cycles & reducing costs are the immediate investment returns from ESP Library that our clients continue to receive as dividends year after year.  Combining these returns while enhancing the level of client service you provide, makes ESP Library one of the wisest investments you can make for your facility.

Support Sustainability (Green) Initiatives

Our solutions are green and helps reduce the need for environmentally unfriendly paper floor plans, brochures and marketing materials – leaving the environment virtually untouched.

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