Event Space Presentation™ Library

~ Pricing

Estimated time to implement:  2 days

What we need from you:

  • Capacity Chart w/ 0-6 setup capacities,

  • Company Logo (in any format),

  • Phone & Email Address for all the booking requests,

  • Preferred Username, Password is provided​

What you receive from us:

  • A full working version of ESP Library for your facility.  Live Example.

  • A link (URL) to launch ESP, from anywhere,

  • 1 hour of training if needed - typically 15 minutes is all you need,

  • All the support you need,

  • All the maintenance required.

Design & Implementation

(One-time Fee)

Hosting / Support / Maintenance

(Annual Fee)

*  Prices in $US

*  Typical Installation

$  4,950.00

$ 1,250.00


Event Space Presentation™

~ Pricing

Every facility is unique in size and number of meeting spaces & spaces that partition into smaller meeting spaces.  As well, each facility has different requirements and needs.  Because ESP is fully customized to meet the needs of any size and type of venue, Please contact us and provide us with your website. 

To see various examples of ESP please refer to our Client Examples

All we need are simple floor plans and a capacity chart to review to provide you with a very accurate price within 24 hours. If there are further questions, or if you have specific requirements or requests, we would be happy to talk with you.

Keep in mind, that ESP is very affordable and easy to implement.      

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