Venue Planner

~ Solution Overview

The iMap Venue Planner produces floor level diagrams and a Room’s List to create Client Event Plans that clearly demonstrates how each meeting space in a Venue is being utilized for a specific event.

Provided below is a summary of some main features built within our iMap Venue Planner below.  For an in-depth review of the iMap Venue Planner and to see how easy it is to create a Client Event Plan, request a demo.   

Share the Client Event Plan

The primary purpose of the iMap Venue Planner is to share Client Event Plans with Clients and Internal Staff (Sales & Operations).  Share Client Event Plans interactively online, or create PDF/JPEG files and include in Sales Proposals.  

Click on the below PDF documents to see a Client Event Plan example.



Provide Staff and Clients with immediate access to the 

iMap Venue Planner.  As a web based application, there is nothing to download or install.

Populate the Venue Floor Plan

It's quick and easy to automatically or interactively create a Client Event Plan using the iMap Venue Planner.  


For an event, automatically populate the floor plan with meeting spaces 'USES' and their In & Out dates by importing a standard Excel file. 


Excel data derived from applications such as USI (Ungerboeck) may also be used to populate the floor plan.   



For an event, select any floor level, partition meeting spaces into any possible configuration, and assign each meeting space a 'USE' and set its In & Out dates. Use multi-select to assign the same 'USE' to many meeting spaces quickly.


Save the Event Plan

After creating a Client Event Plan, save it to your hard-drive as an standard Excel file.  Because no data resides in the cloud - the Client Event Plan is 100% secure.  Re-open this Excel file to make additional edits or versions of Client Event Plans for each Client.