Interactive Floor Plans

~ Features


Accessible and Intuitively Navigate

With nothing to download or install, give Event Planners immediate access to the iFP on any device.  

When first opening the iFP, Event Planners are presented with a 3D model of the entire facility to immediately comprehend where all the meeting spaces reside and how an event facility is laid out. 


With 'click-to-navigate' intuitive features, Event Planners easily drill down through your facility to obtain the information that is important to them.


Navigate to each floor level. Interact with that floor level - viewing 360 virtual tours, images etc., and partition meeting spaces into any combination of smaller sub-set rooms. 


Drill down further to see detailed meeting room information and presentations.   

Meeting Room Search


Its easy to find the ideal event or meeting space within a venue for any size and type of function.  

Simply enter in the type and size of the event being planned, and ESP will provide a list of all the perfectly suited meeting spaces within the venue. 

From here the Event Planner can click on any meeting room within the list to see detailed information about that space.

This is also very useful for staff who also wish to quickly present & share information with clients.  

Multimedia Prestentation


Navigating to a meeting space or finding a meeting space using search, the Event Planner can then view a detailed presentation for that meeting space.  

All this information is controlled by event facility staff using the very easy to use content manager.  Virtually any file type can be shared here; photos and diagrams to present the space, and PDF, AutoCAD, .eps files etc., that can be downloaded for planning purposes.  ESP is open-source so any file can be presented and shared.  

Booking Request


When a Meeting Planner has found the space they are interested in, they can quickly request to book that space. 

Sending the request will alert your staff to contact with this Event Planner to begin discussions, suggest alternatives or to confirm this booking.

Share & Collaborate


Meeting Planners who wish to share facility and floor level information with colleagues, or sales staff who wish to present this information with prospective event planners and clients can place markers on the floor plan and send this image directly by email.  

As well, if Event Planners and staff wish to share meeting rooms details with recipients, Event Planners and staff can share a link through email to any meeting room page to give recipients direct access to all this information as well.

Download & Planning


Save staff time and effort by allowing Event Planners to download any planning document from any meeting room presentation page.

Manage Content


Use ESP Manager to easily upload and link to virtually any file type, to present and share the detailed information about any meeting space.  Have complete control editing meeting room details such as room dimensions, capacities and descriptions.     

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