Interactive Floor Plan

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iMap's interactive floor plan is designed specifically to help Event Venues and Convention Centers to be much more efficient and effective in presenting, sharing, and communicating detailed information about its capability to host events and functions.  

As leaders in providing solutions to facilities in the meetings & events industry, we provide a summary of our higher level features built within our interactive floor plan.  For a much more in-depth and detailed review of these and many other features, contact us to request iMap's whitepaper, or review the interactive floor plan demo and examples.   


Provide Event Planners with immediate access to the interactive floor plan.  As a web based application, there is nothing to download or install to use the interactive floor plan and it will work with virtually any main browser and device. 

3D Overview


Present the entire venue in a 3D overview, showing; how the venue is laid out, where the categories of meeting spaces reside, and the scaled heights of each meeting space. 


Interactive Floor Levels

Click a level from the 3D overview to view the interactive floor level in a clean and simplified topographic view.  Refer to the content area that dynamically updates to present detailed information as we navigate through the Venue. 

Pan and zoom the floor level.  Click a meeting space to view its information in the content area.  If a meeting space is partitionable, choose any option to display that configuration and click any subset meeting room to see its details in the content area.  


Legend & Interactive Legend

Present a color coded legend to show specific items on the interactive floor level.  Use an interactive legend to keep the interactive floor level clean and uncluttered, and display only the items that the Event Planner wishes to view.

Intuitive Navigation

To quickly navigate to any other level, click a level in the inlay 3D model. Or click the expand button to go back to the 3D overview.


Share and Collaborate


Utilize the function buttons to expand the application in full-page mode, open a Google location map, or share this application by printing or sending links via email or social media.

360 Photography

If deploying the virtual tour add-on, present 360 image icons on the interactive floor level, that when clicked will open to display a corresponding 360 image. 


Meeting Space Presentation

If deploying the event space presentation library add-on, search for and display detailed information for each meeting space & setup.  View, multimedia files, download planning documents, share meeting space details, and offer a request booking option. 


Industry Leading Support & Maintenance


iMap has been in business for over 16 years, with many of our Clients staying with us from the beginning.  This is a testament to the level of service and support iMap delivers.  iMap fully backs all of its solutions and our history ensures that we are capable of committing to offer the same level of superior support and maintenance for the long-term.