Virtual Tour

~ Features

iMap's virtual tour is designed specifically to help Event Venues and Convention Centers to be much more efficient and effective in presenting, sharing, and communicating detailed information about its capability to host events and functions.

As leaders in providing solutions to facilities in the meetings & events industry, we provide a summary of our higher level features built within our virtual tour.  For a much more in-depth and detailed review of these and many other features, contact us to request iMap's whitepaper, or review the virtual tour demo and examples.   


Provide Event Planners with immediate access to the virtual tour.  As a web based application, there is nothing to download or install to use the virtual tour and it will work with virtually any main browser and device. 

Our virtual tour are compatible with VR headsets and is able to utilize mobile devices' built-in gyroscopes. 

360 Photography & Images 


It is possible to incorporate existing equirectangular photos into our virtual tour if they are in the correct format.  If equirectangular are not available, we offer quick and efficient on-site photography services to provide 18 Mega Pixel HDR equirectangular photographs, taken using our specialized 360 camera.  This includes final photo editing to include; leveling, sharpening, lighting adjustments, face blurring, and are optimized for quality and performance. 


Intuitive Navigation

All photos will contain directional arrows linking to adjacent photos within the same level or up/down directional arrows linking to adjacent photos on the adjacent level.  Clicking a directional arrow will present the corresponding image.

If utilizing the floor plan add-on, a floor plan is shown and will present 360 hotspot nodes for each 360 photo.  Clicking a 360 node will display its corresponding photo and directional beacon.  If multiple floor levels exist, select a floor level to view from the level selection menu.  Expand, reduce or hide the floor plan from view.     

Open the image carousel to view all the 360 photos.  Click a photo from the image carousel to view its corresponding 360 photo.  


Functions Buttons


Utilize the function buttons to; expand the application in full-page mode, open a Google location map, or share this application by sending links via email or social media.

Meeting Space Presentation

If deploying the event space presentation library add-on, click any meeting space on the floor plan or click the view room information icon presented in each meeting space's 360 photo, to view multimedia files, download planning documents, share meeting space details, and offer a request booking opportunity. 


Google Mapping

iMap is a qualified Google Street View Trusted Agency.  If deploying the Google Map export add-on, and if we performed the on-site photography, we accurately place the Venue's 360 equirectangular photos into Google Maps. 


Industry Leading Support & Maintenance


iMap has been in business for over 16 years, with many of our Clients staying with us from the beginning.  This is a testament to the level of service and support iMap delivers.  iMap fully backs all of its solutions and our history ensures that we are capable of committing to offer the same level of superior support and maintenance for the long-term.