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Event Space Library

Solution Overview





iMap's Event Space Library is a centralized database of various file formats that Meeting & Event Venues can utilize to streamline the presentation and sharing of meeting space setup content with Event Planners online, who can access and download them as required.

Below is a brief overview of some key features integrated into our Event Space Library. For a more comprehensive and detailed review, kindly request a demo.   

Present & Share Any File Type

Upload files to present photos and setup diagrams online for each meeting room and its setups.


Upload files that you wish to make available online to Event Planners for downloading and Event Planning.



Provide Event Planners with immediate access to the Event Space Library.  As a web based application, there is nothing to download or install to use the Event Space Library and it will work with virtually any main browser and device. 

The Event Space Library is a stand-alone application which can be used on its own and is easily placed within any website. 


The Meeting Space Library can also be used as an add-on application to the Interactive Floor Plan and the Virtual Tour - to enhance those applications.


Use the search feature to find the ideal meeting space for a specific function. 

View all the meeting spaces in a Venue and click to view its information.  


Filter the meeting room's by function type and number of attendees to produce a list of meeting spaces ideally suited for that specific function or event.  


Content Management

The Event Space Library's built-in content manager system (CMS) gives internal staff complete control over all the data and content displayed and shared for each meeting space and setup.


Securely log into the very easy-to-use CMS to edit  dimension and capacity data and UI analytic codes for each meeting room.  Upload virtual any file type to present and share information about each meeting room's setup. 

Share & Collaborate

To share the meeting room’s data & content, the

Event Space Library has a built-in email function that sends a link to open a webpage and provides the recipient direct access to view and download the data and content for any individual meeting space and setup. 


Booking Request

For each meeting room's setup, the Meeting Planner offers the Event Planner the option to request to book this space.  This may either open the Venue's booking page or our booking request form.  Submitting our booking request form sends a structured email to an assigned email address set by the Venue. 

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