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Interactive Floor Plan

Solution Overview






iMap's Interactive Floor Plan is a purpose-built online application that helps Meeting & Event Venues showcase their flexibility and capacity to host events of any size or type to Event Planners in an interactive and visual manner.

Below is a brief overview of some key features incorporated into our Interactive Floor Plan. For a more comprehensive and detailed review, kindly request a demo.   


Provide Event Planners with immediate access to the Interactive Floor Plan.  As a web based application, there is nothing to download or install to use the Interactive Floor Plan.


It's very easy to incorporate the Interactive Floor Plan on your website.  We simply provide a link (URL).  As a fully reactive application that scales to any size, you can display the Interactive Floor Plan in a full page or within an iFrame - its your choice.  

3D Overview


Present the entire Venue in a 3D overview, showing how the entire venue is laid out, where the categories of meeting spaces reside, and the scaled heights of each meeting space.  

Click a level to level to view its Interactive Floor Plan.


Interactive Floor Levels

Each level's Interactive Floor Plan in presented in clean topographic view.  While we can provide any level of 3D details, our Clients always choose to keep the floor plans clean, simple and cost effective.

The content area dynamically updates to present detailed information for each level as we navigate through the Venue. 


Intuitive Navigation

To quickly navigate to any other level, click a level in the inlay 3D model. Or click the expand button to go back to the 3D overview.


Interactive Meeting Spaces


On the floor level, click any meeting space to display dimension and capacity data and a description in the content area


Flexible Room Partitioning

Most Venues have complex meeting spaces that partition into many configurations.  A very unique and valuable feature with iMap's Interactive Floor Plan is the ability to partition these meeting spaces into any possible option.  Presenting every available meeting space option shows how flexible and accommodating the Venue can be for any Event.  

Below, is an example of a complex meeting room that has multiple partitioning options and iMap's unique approach in presenting each possible configuration.  Click any option in the menu to configure Exhibit Hall A-E.  

Meeting Space Library

~ Add On

If using the Event Space Library add-on, clicking a meeting space will provide setup buttons in the content area Clicking a setup button will display detailed information about that meeting space's setup, such as: photos, setup diagrams, AutoCAD, zip, movies, and planning documents for download etc.  


360 Photography / Virtual Tour

~ Add On

If using the Virtual Tour add-on, present 360 image nodes on the interactive floor level. Clicking a node will open a corresponding 360 image from the Virtual Tour


Legend & Interactive Legend

Present a color coded legend to show specific items on the interactive floor level.  Use an interactive legend to keep the Interactive Floor Plan clean and uncluttered, and display only the items that the Event Planner wishes to see.

Share and Collaborate


Utilize the function buttons to expand the application in full-page mode, open a Google location map, or share this application by printing or sending links via email or social media.

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