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Virtual Tour

Solution Overview





iMap's Virtual tour is purpose-built to assist Event Planners in navigating a Venue by offering high-quality 360 images that showcase the ambiance of crucial areas while providing details about meeting spaces along the way.

Below is a brief overview of some key features integrated into our Virtual tour. For a more comprehensive and detailed review, kindly request a demo.   

360 Photography & Images 


It is possible to incorporate your existing equirectangular photos into our Virtual Tour. For best results we offer on-site photography services to provide 18 Mega Pixel HDR equirectangular photographs, taken using our specialized 360 camera.  This includes final photo editing to include; leveling, sharpening, lighting adjustments, face blurring, and are optimized for quality and performance. 


Intuitive Navigation

In addition to the standard directional arrows navigating from photo to photo, our Virtual Tour may incorporate a floor plan add-on to keep Event Planners oriented within a Venue at all times.  The floor plan will present 360 hotspot nodes for each 360 photo.  Clicking a 360 node will display its corresponding photo and directional beacon.  Navigate to multiple floor levels using the level selection menu.  Expand, reduce or hide the floor plan from view.  


Open the image carousel to view all the 360 photos.  Click a photo from the image carousel to view its corresponding 360 photo.  


Functions Buttons


Utilize the function buttons to; expand the application in full-page mode, open a Google location map, or share this application by sending links via email or social media.

Meeting Space Presentation

Unique to our Virtual Tour is the inclusion of our Event Space Library add-on.  In each 360 photo, click the view room information icon to view multimedia files, download planning documents, share meeting space details, and offer Event Planners the option to request to book the space. 


Google Mapping

iMap is a Google Street View Trusted Agency.  iMap qualified for this status because of the number of quality photos in our Virtual Tours and the size of our audience and number of views.  If deploying the Google Map export add-on, and if we performed the on-site photography, we can accurately place the Venue's 360 equirectangular photos into Google Maps. 



Provide Event Planners with immediate access to the Virtual Tour.  As a web based application, there is nothing to download or install to use the Virtual tour and it will work with virtually any main browser and device. 

iMap's Virtual tour is compatible with VR headsets and is able to utilize mobile devices' built-in gyroscopes. 

It's very simple to launch our Virtual Tour from any website.  Embed and work with the Virtual Tour directly within a webpage's iFrame or display it full page.

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