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Solution Benefits

These are some of the benefits received when using iMap's solutions.  If you wish to review the advantages of working with iMap see The iMap Advantage .


Win New Event Business:

Visually and interactively presenting details about your Venue to provide clients with a better comprehension and understanding of your facility, improves event planning and collaboration, creates successful events, and wins new event business.


Shorten Sales Cycles and Reduce Marketing Costs:

Visually and interactively presenting details about your Venue provides the information essential to the Event Planner.  Being well-informed, Event Planners are more inclined to make quicker decisions to host their events in your facility - reducing sales & marketing efforts and costs.


Enhance Client Experience:

Visually and interactively presenting details about your Venue to provide the information essential to the Event Planner provides a better and more comprehensive service to Clients which in turn is simply making Clients happier.



Visually and interactively presenting details about your Venue to provide the information essential to the Event Planner, shortens sales cycles, reducing costs, improves planning, helps create successful events and over-all wins new event business.  As a capital investment, iMap's solutions provide continuous dividends year after year.  As one of the wisest investments a Venue can make, iMap's solutions are typically used for many years - no matter the web team or web services turn-over a Venue may experience over that time.


Industry Leading Support & Maintenance:

iMap's longevity in the Meeting & Events industry, servicing many Clients for over a decade, is a testament to the quality and level of our service & support.  Our Clients are taken care of and our mission to continue to provide this same level of superior support and maintenance for the long-run. In addition, because iMap's focus is to deliver industry leading and innovated solutions to facilities in the Meetings & Events industry, our Clients benefit from new technologies relating specifically to this industry.


Unique Array of Solutions & Options:

Listed are the important distinctions that make iMap's solutions unique.       Interactive Floor Plan:                              - Designed specifically with the Event Planner in mind                             - Truly interactive with intuitive navigation                               - Meeting space partitioning into any configuration                             - Link to Meeting Space Library showing meeting room content                             - Link directly to iMap's Virtual Tour Meeting Space Library:                             - Display virtually any file type (Movies, jpg, zip, pdf, AutoCAD etc..)                             - Share any file - download planning documents - Unrestricted file types                             - Dynamically controlled content by Client using CMS      Virtual Tour:                             - Unique Floor Plan add-on                             - Link to Meeting Space Library showing meeting room content                              - Enhanced walk-through navigation                                  Venue Planner:                             - First of its kind to generate Client Event Plans - Import Excel data from 3rd party software such as Ungerboeck                             - No data in the cloud - managed by local Excel files ​ ​With iMap you receive industry leading solutions that can be deployed independently or they may be seamlessly combined to work together.  Our solutions are scalable to give Clients maximum flexibility to benefit from any one of our applications to meet immediate needs, with options to add in any other module and application when budgets allow or requirements change.

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