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Project Delivery & Deployment

Each Venue is unique.  To provide you with accurate project delivery & deployment information, it's recommended to request a demo.

The demo will allow us to have a much better understanding of your Venue and give us the opportunity to discuss and identify the best solution(s) with options to include in your solution.  During the demo, we'll be able to provide you with accurate timelines to complete your project and address any other questions you may have.  

We can say that most projects are completed within 4-6 weeks if project loads are light.

During the demo we can discuss our simple and easy process to deliver and deploy our solutions, and specifically discuss items, such as:

- Impacting timeline

- Timeline events & schedule

- Floor plan details

- Branding

- Website integration

- Optimal Window Size

- Training

- Data Integration

- CMS Editing

- Usability

- Photography - Onsite

As a follow up to the demo, we can provide you with further documentation if required.  

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