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Ginkel Maps: Maintenance:


Enables users to map, track, and share maintenance item information based on their location within a property. Users can easily add maintenance items to a map, edit their details, and visualize the maintenance landscape. The tool also provides features for color-coding markers based on service status, searching for specific items, and sharing information with collaborators. Overall, Ginkel Maps aims to enhance property management and maintenance programs, and CAFM / PPM applications by providing a user-friendly mapping and tracking solution.

Currently there are 2 version available for Ginkel Maps.

1) Group Version:  Is used to present a limited number of Maintenance Maps online.  This version offers 2 User levels, the Base User who can view the maps online and Administrators who can edit the maps and add additional Users.  The number of Users who can use the Maintenance Maps is virtually unlimited.  Print & email maintenance item information and location maps with outside contractors. This version is useful if you have multiple map contributors and wish to work with and share a limited number or Maintenance Maps online.

2) Solo Version:  Is a one seat license used to manage virtually an unlimited number of Maintenance Maps.  Maps are not shared online, but instead are saved to the User's device.  Print, email and export maintenance item information and location maps.  This version is useful if you are solely responsible for managing the Maintenance Maps.

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