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Venue Plans & Diagrams

Solution Overview





Venue Plans & Diagrams creates custom branded Event Plan Reports in minutes to demonstrate how the entire venue is being utilized for an event.  Event Plan Reports includes venue's floor levels that presents color codes for each meeting space being used in the event.  As well, for each meeting space, present multiple diagrams or images used in the event.  In addition, Event Plan Reports generates a list of all the meeting spaces being used in the event. 


Use Venue Plans & Diagrams to present event plans with clients online, or allow clients to independently review a 'read-only' version of their events plans online.  Print or make electronic versions of the Event Plan Reports to include in Sales Proposals. 


Below is a brief overview of some key features integrated into Venue Plans & Diagrams. For a more comprehensive and detailed review, kindly request a demo.   

Event Plan Reports

Venue Plans & Diagrams generates Event Plan Reports.  Share event plans online with clients, or create electronic or hardcopy Event Plan Reports to include in Sales Proposals.     



Click on the below PDF documents to see an example report
of a Client Event Plan for Sales Proposals.

Example Venue Plan.JPG
Example Room List.jpg


Provide Staff with immediate access to Venue Plans & Diagrams.  As a web based application, there is nothing to download or install.  Administrators, can create Users & set privileges, for as many Users as needed.

Populate the Venue Floor Plan

Automatically (Import):

For an event, automatically populate the entire floor plan with meeting space 'USES' and their 'In & Out' dates by importing an Excel file. 


Open a previously saved Event Plan Excel file or import formatted Excel Files derived from applications such as USI (Ungerboeck).    



If no event data exists, interactively assign each meeting space a 'USE' and set its 'In & Out' dates utilizing the interactive 'Floor Plan' or interactive 'Rooms List'.  Use automation features to automatically set dates for all rooms and utilize the multi-select feature to assign a 'USE' to many meeting spaces quickly.


Link & Import Diagrams & Images:

For each meeting space used in the event, link to, or upload up to 5 diagrams and images.  Save meeting space diagrams and images to be used for all future event plans. Include a file link to the electronic event plan reports.


Save the Event Plan - Securely!

Save the Event Plan to present it, or for future edits.  The Event Plans are saved and stored locally as a standard Excel file on your hard drive. 

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