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An affordable solution designed specifically for Resort & Hotel professionals to interactively display the property's features, amenities, guestrooms, and event spaces, etc., by its location, and present the entire property to Guests and Meeting Planners.  


Interactively place pins on a diagram, map, floor plan or building schematic to represent any item.  For each pin, add content such as photos, 360 images, pdf diagrams and a description. 

When viewing the live Ginkel Map, each pin will be color coded based on its category and can contain a label to distinguish that item within its category.  Clicking a pin will present all the content for that item.  Guests and Meeting Planners can use Ginkel Map's handy search tool to find items of interest, based on the item's name, pin label, and/or category. 

More information about Resort Ginkel Maps will be available soon. View the above video to get a good overview to see how easy Ginkel Maps is to work with and how it may help your Sales, Marketing & Communication program. 

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