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Provided below are steps to help view and populate the hydrant map of Lions Bay.  Its as simple as clicking 3 links in Steps 1 - 3.

I've included descriptions for each step.  This process only needs to be followed 1x for any person or computer that wishes to work with this map.  Follow this process for now, I'm trying to work through how best to share and protect the map from the general public.  Please do not share with anyone yet. 


Step 1:  Click the link below to connect to the json file.  This serves as the database for the map.  This link opens the json file and there is nothing more you need to do..  Simply close that page.


Step 2:  Click the link to open the Lions Bay map.  This map will open to present 3 hydrants on Panorama Road.  Clicking on a hydrant will give you corresponding info on that hydrant.  We have included mock data such as GPM and PSI and automatically assign a rating based on those figures, which results in the hydrant being color coded by the rating.  Any other information may be included.

Step 3:  Click this link to open the spreadsheet.  On this sheet anyone with the correct permissions can edit the hydrant information.  The map will automatically update to present the information, not immediately, but every hour.  If you wish to edit, please only edit the existing hydrant's GPM or PSI, until I can figure out how to set permissions properly.



Step 4:  If you have followed the above instructions you will have already seen the map and the spreadsheet.  But if you wish to see together, log into this page. using the login name A.Oliver

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