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Event Space Presentation Library 

~ Pricing


Cost Estimate

The cost for our event space presentation library (ESP) is minimally affected by the Venue size.  However, the cost for ESP directly correlates to the number of meeting spaces to be presented and if deployed with the Interactive Floor Plan and/or Virtual Tour. 


If deployed with either the Interactive Floor Plan and/or Virtual Tour:


Setup & Delivery:                  $ 5,500

Cost/Meeting Space:            $      40

Additional 4 Media Slots:    ( # of Meeting Spaces x $20 )

If deployed as a stand-alone application:


Setup & Delivery:                  $ 9,500

Cost/Meeting Space:            $      40

Additional 4 Media Slots:    ( # of Meeting Spaces x $20 )

*Cost in calculated in $US.  4 Media Slots is included for each setup in each meeting room.  6 standard setups are displayed for all meeting rooms. 

To obtain exact pricing, please contact us.  Upon learning your requirements, we can provide you with accurate pricing over the phone.


Licensing / Hosting

Annual Licensing Fees (ALF) are calculated @ 20% of the total final project delivery fee.


As part of the ALF, hosting the application, file administration, application backup, & maintenance is included to ensure the program will work as it should throughout the license period. 


The ALF is adjusted annually for inflation. 


Event Space Presentation Library 

~ Project Delivery




Standard project development and delivery times for the ESP typically ranges between 1-2 weeks.


Impacting Timeline

Timing is only impacted by the Client’s ability to provide the required information.


Timeline Events

The standard procedure in delivering ESP follows these steps:

  1. Client provides the following:

    • Signed License Agreement,

    • Existing Capacity Charts in electronic format if possible,

    • Stacked logo with white background,

    • Usernames/passwords to access Content Manger log-in,

  2. Conversion of Capacity Chart - 1st week,

  3. Logo placement – 1st week,

  4. Data entry into database 2nd week,

  5. Published live 2nd week,

  6. URL link provided to Client for website integration in the 2nd week.



ESP can be branded to the extent of adding a logo.  Because Arial is the most popular browser font available on most devices, that is the font used.  Currently ESP contains both an upper and lower title bar which can be color coded to match Client colors.


Event Space Presentation Library 

~ Deployment



Upon completing the ESP project and publishing for live online viewing, iMap will furnish the Client with a URL to open and view the hosted application online. 


Website Integration

It is a very simple process to display ESP within a Client’s website.  Use the URL to either display ESP within a webpage’s iFrame or use the URL to create a link or images links within your website to open ESP in its own webpage. 

The URL can be used as a link on any medium, for example within an email, that when clicked will open ESP within its own webpage.


Because ESP presents various media types, we currently deploy ESP as non-responsive and non-reactive.  If the Client wishes to deploy ESP as its own application that is not deployed with either the interactive floor plan or virtual tour or wishes to deploy ESP with either the interactive floor plan or virtual tour in its own webpage, iMap does have a responsive version of ESP, meaning it will present itself (scale-to-fit) to a % size of the browser or iFrame window.   


Optimal Window Size

ESP’s non-responsive version need to be viewed in a window size (w)1100px x (h)750px to avoid excessive white space and to avoid the appearance of scroll bars. In the case where the Client wishes to use the responsive version of ESP, the window size is flexible but should maintain the ratio w:h = 1100:750.



The use of the ESP is designed to be very intuitive.  Training is typically not required to use the live application.  However, the built-in Content Manager, where staff is uploading and editing content for each meeting space, has some time saving tricks and techniques.  We offer 1 hour free training via conference call which should be more than adequate for anyone with basic computer experience and knowledge. 


Data Integration

ESP does not require live data.  There is no requirement to tie into any existing client system.  As a closed application working with its own data set, the data used is derived only from Client Capacity Charts, which are converted and uploaded into the database.  Editing within the Content Management System only updates data within this closed database.  Upon editing data or uploading images or creating links to multimedia within the CMS writes to this closed database. 



As a web-based application, if a device is connected to the internet, there is nothing to download or install to access and view ESP.  The application will work on virtually all modern devices, within Windows, Android and iOS operating systems, using the most popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.  


Event Space Presentation Library 

~ Technical Specifications



While there is nothing technically required for iMap’s Clients to use our applications, solutions provided by iMap are hosted, web-based and data driven applications utilizing these hardware, software, and security specifications.



Latest versions of PHP, MVC framework CodeIgniter, MySql Database or Microsoft Sql server database and Apache Http Server running on Linux OS, Debian on top of Ubuntu 2.


Front-end Development

JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Json, HTML, CSS, Adobe Animate 2020, HTML5 Canvas, ActionScript, Photoshop 2020, Autodesk 3ds Max, Specialized 3D camera producing 18 mega pixel panorama images, 360 ESP studio and production software. 



Data and applications are backed up on an off-site server and on external hard drives.



Highest-level security using SSL 4,098-bit encryption matched at the server by SHA-256 4,098-bit encryption.

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