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~ The iMap Advantage

These are some of the advantages when working with iMap.  If you wish to review our solution benefits see solution benefits.  



Since 2002 iMap pioneered Interactive Floor Plans for facilities servicing the meeting & events industry.  Today, iMap remains the industry leader in providing our clients with world-leading innovated interactive and visual applications that can be used independently or seamless integrated together, such as the Meeting Space Library CMS, iMap's Virtual Tours and our latest application - iMap's Venue Planner.  A number of clients have remained with us for over a decade.

Superior Support & Maintenance:

iMap's longevity in the Meeting & Events industry, servicing many Clients for over a decade, is a testament to the quality and level of our service & support.  Our Clients are completely taken care of.  


Solution Array: 

With iMap you receive industry leading solutions that can be deployed independently or they may be seamlessly combined to work together.  Our solutions are scalable to give Clients maximum flexibility to benefit from any one of our applications to meet immediate needs, with options to add in any other application when budgets allow or requirements change.        

Accurate Quotes & Timelines:

Due to our history, our project quotes are accurate and we always deliver before deadlines.  There will never be surprises such as cost over-runs, false expectations or project failures. 


Our track record and experience protects your facility from exposure to risks, such as cost over-runs, false expectations, project failures and copyright infringement.  iMap owns 100% of its intellectual property (IP) rights relating to interactive floor plan concepts, procedures, techniques, presentations & programming.  iMap contractually indemnifies and protects your organization against any copyright infringement or 3rd party claims.  

Cost Effective:

Already having designed and built our base engine and modules, and successfully implementing our solutions with many Clients, from an economic feasibility or commercial viability standpoint, it is not possible for in-house or external web development teams or vendors to re-create anything similar to iMap's solutions at our price point.  

Capital Investment:

Investing in iMap's solutions is considered a capital investment. iMap's solutions provide continuous dividends year after year.  Many Clients have been with us for over a decade and during this time websites, website staff, web development teams and vendors have have come and gone, none of which affects the online operations of iMap's solutions.


Industry Specific Development:

iMap's focus is to provide visual and interactive solutions to facilities servicing the meeting & events industry.  It’s our goal to remain the leaders in our field and to anticipate and exceed the future needs of our Clients.  This allows our Clients to leverage from their existing iMap solutions by incorporating new cutting edge technologies as they are developed and needed.     

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